Gay Chicago

The great windy city of Chicago is truly a place that is a must-visit for any gay traveler. The city is filled with cultural and architecturally rich neighborhoods and gorgeously designed parks. There isn’t a better place on earth that holds all the pleasures of the gay traveler. Historical theater marquees and landmark skyscrapers loom over the magnificent downtown skyline, while numerous thriving cafes and boutiques lay directly under it. The populations of Lakeview and Anderson sections of the city invite travelers to ogle their window displays as they pass by sipping on hot and deliciously frothy espressos. Unlike coastal cities, Chicago has no beach, but that doesn’t seem to stop the sun-worshippers who gather at the numerous lakefront spots all over the city. Recently, Chicago was chosen to host the Gay Games which only served to boost the Cities reputation as a continually growing gay hub.

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If you’re a professional shopper or even a professional window-shopper, then you definitely do not want to miss the Magnificent Mile. The Magnificent Mile is truly a feat of wonder for you shopaholics; you will find an avenue lined with 460 different stores to feed your material cravings, and over 220 delicious restaurants to enjoy. This avenue should quell all of your shopping addictions, but if you’re looking for more, then head over to Wicker Park/Buck town for some out-of-this-world funky boutique shops and discount stores. Best of all, if you’re looking for a shop with a gay scene, then head over to Hollywood Beach, formerly known as Kathy Osterman Beach. This is where the gay scene is at!

Into sports? A gay jock? Chicago is a city you can’t afford to miss! Chicago hosts a myriad of sports franchises including: The White Sox, The Bears, The Cubs, and The Bulls. For a memory you can’t forget, head over to Wrigley field and feel the deep history that lies there as it is one of the oldest ball fields in the nation. Tickets don’t come cheap here, but it is still worth every penny.
Here is something that you might not know; Boystown, Chicago was the first officially recognized “gay village” in the nation when it became the central gay mecca in the 80’s. In the late eighties, Andersonville rivaled Boystown in attracting lesbians looking for an alternative gayborhood. Nowadays it is no longer segregated with homosexuals and lesbians living in both parts; and best of all, they all know how to have a good time!

Remember to pack accordingly before you make your trip to Chicago. The winters are harsh and the sun only comes out in April after 9 months of winter. After the sun comes out, the gayborhoods come to life with outdoor seating and gorgeous people flooding the streets. If you come before April, then you need to be sure to dress warm.

The Gay Scene in Chicago

Chicago’s gay scene primarily inhabits two amazing neighborhoods: East Lakeview and Andersonville. Both are great places to check out, and are a must for any gay traveler looking to truly experience Chicago.

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Restaurants in Chicago

Chicago’s restaurant scene is world-class. If you feel so inclined, you can find gourmet hot dogs or the best deep dish pizza in the country, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. It doesn’t matter what kind of food you are looking for, Chicago probably does it best.

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Nightlife in Chicago

Chicago’s gay nightlife takes the cake. There is something for everyone from laid back gay bars to bumping gay clubs. A legendary night is out there just waiting to be had.

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Local Tips in Chicago

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