Gay Cody

Cody has a ton of history and culture embedded in it. The pioneer and Western Cowboy themes are evident, especially in annual events and activites offered by the city. Cody rests gracefully outside of Yellowstone National Park, and the scenery from the Shoshone River flowing through a canyon is quite remarkable. Directly north of the city is Heart Mountain, which can be seen from anywhere in Cody!

Cody is well known for three things. One of them, of course is Yellowstone National Park. There is a bridge that crosses the Shoshone River and leads directly into the park! The second point of interest is the must-see Buffalo Bill Center of the West. This establishment is five different museums incorporated into one! The Buffalo Bill Center offers vast historical collections for the public. It is a favorable stop for tourists who have left Yellowstone. Cody's last renowning element are the rodeo festivals. Cowboy enthusiasts travel from all over the country to attend the Cody Stampede Rodeo!