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Cordoba has long been a hub of culture and prosperity in Spain due to its diverse population and vibrant history. Cordoba is centrally located in Spain's Andalucian region, and has long benefited from Roman and Arab influences. Many intellectual figures throughout history have roots in this incredible city, and their rich history is palpable among its cobblestone streets. Cordoba is host to arts and cultural events throughout the year, including flamenco festivals, ballet performances, and concerts put on by local musicians. Whether you are interested in the arts, fine dining, or inspiring nightflife, Cordoba is the destination for you!

Cordoba Gay Scene

Nightlife is central to experiencing Cordoba's gay scene because most of Cordoba's gay offerings open up after dark. Regardless of your preferred party pace, Cordoba's Plaza de la Corredera and Paseo de Cordoba areas are the two hotspots in town. Begin your bar-hopping on Avenida del Brillante and make your way throught the sleek, modern parts of the city. Cordoba has a thriving gay community, and the best places to experience the locals are in the favorite hotspots around town. Clubs in Cordoba feature some of the best up-and-coming music from undiscovered DJs, and the dance floors in the city are always poppin'!

Local Tips, Tricks & News

Cordoba is easily accessible via Spain's AVE high-speed rail network. Once in the city, the best place to get around is via taxi or on foot. Because Cordoba has the second-oldest Old City in Europe, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site and most destinations are centrally located near the Old City. Neighborhoods near the city center have their own quaint charm, complete with unique museums, cobblestone streets, and natural beauty.

The Mezquita is Cordoba's biggest attraction, a former mosque-turned-cathedral complete with iconic arches and mideival paintings. While this site is breathtaking year-round, the best time to visit Cordoba is May because of its numerous cultural festivals.