Gay Crete

Crete is nature at her best. You will want to take time to explore the diversity of the landscape: rugged mountains, endless beaches and azur seas. When you are done with nature, there is no better place to discover true Greek culture and hospitality than in its cities, towns and especially villages. This is NOT Mykonos and LGBT nightlife is rare and in many cases non-existent. GT Tips: Get a group of adventurous friends and take three or four days here after the madness of Mykonos.

Crete is a wonderful destination that has a rich heritage and incorporates ancient culture into modern Europe. The island was once home to the Minoan Civilization that flourished around 2000 BC. All of the cultures creating a melting pot can be observed on this scenic island! After all, Crete is the most populous island in Greece!

Crete is becoming a wildly popular tourist destination and has something for everyone. There are multitudinous accomodations ranging from 3 star hotels to pristine luxury resorts. The island is full of attractions and sights you must see! First of all, there is the Palm Beach of Vai, which is also Europe's biggest natural palm forest. There are many sites of ancient Minoan ruins that are also open to the public, as well as the Vinetian Castle. To truly experience the culture of this island, you must spend some time in the city. The people live a completely different, yet unique lifestyle, and the restaurants will amaze you.