Gay Travel Cubuy

Nestled deep in the cloud forests of El Yunque National Forest in eastern Puerto Rico, Cubuy is a welcome escape from basically everything! This is the place to fall off the map and commune with nature. The area’s emphasis is on sustainable tourism and eco-friendly trekking as Puerto Rico has been a leader in this tourism revolution.

The national rainforest that surrounds Cubuy is the only sliver of rain forest on the whole island of Puerto Rico. Visitors can drive up part way and then hike further to see the cloud forests form at higher elevations. There are also plenty of hiking trails, twisting and revealing waterfalls and private swimming holes. Push yourself to the top of the mountain and witness the eerie dwarf forests – areas where trees grew unsuccessfully due to the high wind and rain.

Wander back to your tranquil guesthouse and sit back, relax, and appreciate the tranquility. You’ll be glad you did!

The Gay Scene in Cubuy

With no real major urbanization, there is no real major gay scene.  The best option:  Go with a whole bunch of other homos and create your own scene.  The upside is, you’ll know everyone!  Several venues do cater to gay and lesbian travelers, so you won’t be out there on your own!

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