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The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country in the Caribbean where African, Spanish, European, and native cultures collide! This wonderful fusion comes across in its cuisine that will make your mouth water, as well as in the passion-filled beats of its merengue music. With a thriving ecotourism industry, there are tons of beautiful and natural sights to see. When night falls, hit the dance floor and bust a move at one of the various bars and clubs peppered across the urban parts of the country. Salsa, anyone?

Because of it’s location in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic’s climate is tropical, with a heavy wet season in winter and warm summers peaking in the month of August. Hurricanes hit the D.R between August and October- and cyclones hit every few years so be sure to check weather reports before your travels! Temperatures are pretty consistent year-round, but lows in the 30’s aren’t uncommon in the mountainous regions of the country. Getting around the Dominican Republic is most often done by bus. Independent companies offer services within and between most towns and cities, although the “gua-gua” taxis and local buses are often packed with people and luggage so get ready to squeeze!

Drivers are friendly and knowledgeable with inside scoop about local hotspots. Because of its location on an island, the Dominican Republic must be accessed by boat or plane. Although it is frequented by tourists, it is also rampant with poverty so stick in groups and stay in well-lit areas. There is no limit to the amount of alcohol you can consume before driving- so beware of drivers under the influence while you are on the road. There is also a special “tourist police” specifically for the protection of foreigners, so reach out to this agency instead of the national police for more responsive service.

The Gay Scene in Dominican Republic

Like most Caribbean countries, the gay scene is based out of the more urban areas.

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