LGBT Scene in Dublin

In the past Ireland was always considered to be a rather conservative area where the LGBT population was unable to thrive. However, within the recent decades there has been a swing in a more progressive direction. One of the leading senators in Ireland, who is also a favorite for the next presidential election is openly gay.  Overall, Dublin has shifted to become one of the world’s leading gay cities; here LGBT travelers flock from all parts of the world to visit.

The great part about Dublin is that they have more a of a “mix and mingle” attitude. This means that both gays and straights willingly visit straight venues and vice versa. You’ll often find both groups visiting a variety of different venues which leads to a strong sense of community.

The largest gay bar in all of Dublin is the Dragon, located on Great Georges Street. This venue is massive, it takes up two floors and has an open rooftop area for party-goers to mingle. Just down the street you’ll find The George, which is Dublin’s oldest gay bar. Inside The George you’ll also find that there are certain areas that are directed more towards the older generation while other areas allow the younger generation to party the night away.

As a gay traveler, safety is one of your most primary concerns. However, in Dublin it shouldn’t be much of a concern. Same-sex couples can be seen holding hands and walking down the street all throughout the city with no hassle or problems. That is not to say that there isn’t the chance you can land yourself in a pickle, just remember to be aware of your surroundings especially in alcohol fueled situations.