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A place that can only be described as pure tropical paradise, French Polynesia hosts some of the world's premiere resorts, locations, and weather. It's the iconic setting for most of our imaginations of paradise; and likely more than a few of our desktop backgrounds feature a tropical scene either captured within the territory or easily likened to one that you'd readily find there. Most people would kill to get shipwrecked in this section of the world! 

French Polynesia is not it's own independent country, but rather an “overseas country” of France. It's akin to being a territory with a little more political sovereignty; but these islands are still governed by French laws, meaning homophobic discrimination is illegal! Not that they're at all homophobic—Tahitian culture actually has a third gender called rae rae who are men who've been raised as women. It's a bit different from Western concepts of gender and identity, but we think it's awesome, and it makes the Polynesian people some of the most welcoming and friendly toward gay travelers too.

Tahiti is the largest and tallest island, with almost 2/3 of the “country's” population. It also contains the capital, Papeete and the only international airport for thousands of miles. You'll more than likely land or make port in Tahiti before continuing on to whichever gorgeous island you'll be staying at. 

Mo'orea is just 10 miles away from Tahiti and has it's own ferry service that runs several times a day between the island and Papeete. This heart-shaped island is known for its twin bays and the breathtaking hiking opportunities available.

This brings us to Bora Bora. Bora Bora is a location unto itself. Few places on earth are as exclusive and isolated, and so absolutely soaked with grandeur! From the picturesque beauty of the mountainous island, to the crystal clears and deep blues of its lagoon; no where else is quite like Bora Bora. Resorts and opulence abound, with many couples honeymooning here and enjoying the romantic quiet of a private bungalow out over the open ocean.

It really is the epitome of tropical paradise. 

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