Gay Goa

One of India’s wealthiest yet smallest by area and population, the state of Goa is extremely renowned for its incredible beaches, cultural sites, biodiversity, and prominent world heritage presence. This area features various historically significant places of worship and spiritual sites, and stands apart from other Indian states because of its former status as a Portuguese colony. Because of this rich mix of influences, Goa attracts millions of locals and tourists a year.

Because of its location near the Arabian Sea, Goa is hot and humid for most of the year. June brings monsoon season which offers a break from the heat, and the rains usually last through late September. Goa’s short winter season spans from mid-December to February, but it still holds a fair amount of humidity which makes for a mild few months.

Goa’s only airport is at Dabolim in Vasco, and while some international flights go directly to Goa most are based out of Mumbai. This incredible tourist destination surprisingly lacks good quality maps so navigating the area can get a bit challenging. Most tourists get around by bus, car, or motorbike. The most important thing to remember while behind the wheel is to stay on guard for unexpected pedestrians, animals, and unmarked speed bumps in the roads!

This beautiful part of India makes for an incredible vacation, but like in any new area safety precautions should definitely be taken. Beware of strong currents in the waters of the Arabian Sea, as well as at the mouths of rivers. Also be careful of scams with seemingly good benefits, a lot of people want to up the costs of your travel to provide some kick backs for themselves. Keep valuables close to your person and have the time of your life in Goa!

The Gay Scene in Goa

Goa is a hot tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches and warm weather.

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