Gay Travel: Goa

Goa is one of India’s wealthiest areas, as well as one of the smallest by area and population. This state is renowned for its incredible beaches, cultural sites, biodiversity and prominent world heritage presence. Goa features various historically significant places of worship and spiritual sites, and stands apart from other Indian states because of its former status as a Portuguese colony. Because of this rich mix of influences, Goa attracts millions of locals and tourists each year.

Goa Gay Scene

Being gay in India is no longer a crime, and anti-homophobic legislation enables members of the LGBT community to enjoy this destination openly. That said, discrimination is not entirely unusual in India, and LGBT travelers should respect local customs. Goa itself, however, is one of the most gay-friendly destinations in India, making this a top destination for LGBT travelers from across the globe looking for an adventurous traveling experience.

Despite its serene vibe, the up-and-coming gay scene in Goa will not disappoint the party animal! The Presa di Goa Hotel near Calungute is a great spot to visit, as well as Viva in Candolim. Baga Beach is a great place to meet locals and try out a variety of water sports. Ashvem and Arambol are beaches that are somewhat secluded for a more private relaxation experience.

Gay-Friendly Dining

Goa’s unique mixture of Portuguese and Indian cultures makes the cuisine of this state particularly exciting and tantalizing.

Café Cotinga

This bohemian garden café located in the Boutique Hotel is open 24 hours a day, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists. Enjoy European, Asian and Indian dishes, along with some of the best cakes and pastries in Goa.

The Sapphire

The cosmopolitan ambiance and original, handcrafted menu of this fine dining restaurant make it one of the best foodie destinations of Goa. Stop in for a full breakfast buffet or lunch or dinner a la carte. Don’t forget to taste something from the renowned dessert menu while you’re there!

Gay-Friendly Nightlife

Goa’s vibrant clubs, live music scene and psychedelic dance parties have made this Indian state a popular holiday stop for LGBT travelers from around the world. Despite this state’s unassuming size, the nightlife here will not disappoint.

Love Passion Karma

This waterfront club is enchanting and wild at the same time. Surrounded by water on three sides, Love Passion Karma has a cave-like atmosphere with surreal carvings and décor. Featuring post-modern music, a beautiful sun deck and hopping dance floor, this is one of the most popular clubs in Goa.


Located in Sinquerim, North Goa, this trendy bar features a glass-walled microbrewery and 20 party suites available for booking. Designed to feel like a traditional Goan tavern, SINQ has a poolside deck, lounge and nightclub, and attracts a wide range of clientele.

Gay-Friendly Activities & Destinations

With its gorgeous scenery, beautiful beaches and ancient Portuguese forts, Goa provides a number of activities for LGBT travelers.

Dudhsagar Falls

Literally translated as the Sea of Milk, Dudhsagar Falls is a four-tiered waterfall on the Mondovi River. One of the highest waterfalls in all of India, Dudhsagar Falls is accessible either by foot or by vehicle if you don’t mind a bumpy ride.

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Located in a natural mangrove habitat, this bird sanctuary is on the western tip of the Island of Chorão. The serene location is home to a number of species, including kingfishers, eagles, cormorants, kites, drongos, mynahs and more. Visitors have also spotted crocodiles, jackals and otters in the habitat, making it a must-see for any nature enthusiast.

Local Tips, Tricks & News

Because of its location near the Arabian Sea, Goa is hot and humid for most of the year. June brings the monsoon season, which offers a break from the heat, and the rains usually last through late September. Goa’s short winter season spans from mid-December to February, but it still holds a fair amount of humidity which makes for a mild few months.

This beautiful part of India makes for an incredible vacation, but travelers should still take safety precautions. Beware of strong currents in the waters of the Arabian Sea, as well as at the mouths of rivers. Also be careful of scams with seemingly good benefits, as people may try to up the costs of your travel to provide some kickbacks for themselves. Keep valuables close to your person to avoid being pickpocketed while out and about.

Goa’s only airport is at Dabolim in Vasco, and while some international flights go directly to Goa, most are based out of Mumbai. This incredible tourist destination surprisingly lacks good quality maps, so navigating the area can get a bit challenging. Most tourists get around by bus, car, or motorbike. The most important thing to remember while behind the wheel is to stay on guard for unexpected pedestrians, animals and unmarked speed bumps in the roads!

The Gay Scene in Goa

Goa is a hot tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches and warm weather.

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