Gay Gothenburg

On Sweden's west coast, Gothenburg, which is Sweden's second-largest city, was founded in 1621. It sits on the Gota River, which now is joined to the Gota Canal, which, in turn, by upscale canal cruise—is joined to that showy capital, Stockholm. Gothenburg works hard for recognition, with opera and ballet companies and an international film festival, and it also has Scandinavia's largest shopping center. Warm air carried by the Gulf Stream keeps the region relatively mild all year, which is a boon to groups meeting in Gothenburg venues in the wintertime. Sweden is part of the European Union but as yet does not use the Euro.


Scandinavians in general look at anyone oddly if that person chooses to stay indoors during the long days of summer, so maybe choose an activity such as having an event on an old sailing ship or get the groups to fish for their own lobsters. Indoor venues in Gothenburg include the Liseberg (the Liseberg Heden hotel is part of it), Scandinavia's largest theme park and biggest tourism attraction. Approximately 10 miles west of the city center is the popular Volvo Museum, which views the ocean.

Don't leave Gothenburg without eating seafood. High on the list are the renowned Restaurang Sjobaren (go to its Haga Nygata location) and the Fiskekrogen, which is opposite the City Museum (Stadsmuseum). 

This information was provided by the West Sweden Tourist Board.

The Gay Scene in Gothenburg

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