Gay Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most traveled-to destinations in the American West. The canyon itself is huge and located in Northern Arizona, with its remote Northern Rim and popular Southern Rim attracting millions of people a year. This natural wonder of the world is jaw-droppingly huge, formed from millions of years of wear by the Colorado River. There are various hiking trails, shopping villages, and white water rafting opportunities to take advantage of during your travels. Whether you are the out-doorsy type or not, The Grand Canyon is a part of the American landscape that is not to be missed. 

Temperatures in the canyon vary depending on where you are, but it tends to be colder on the North Rim than down at the river. The difference in climate can get extreme though, so it is best to plan your visit according to where the temperature is comfortable. It is especially important to be wary of the seasons while hiking, for the weather extremes can be especially strenuous while exerting yourself physically.

To reach the Grand Canyon by plane, fly into Phoenix, Las Vegas, or Flagstaff. From there, take one of the various two-lane highways to either the North or South Rim. Roads can be closed in the winters due to snowfall though, which can make a normally short trip exceedingly long. Other roads go through heavily forested areas so be careful when it comes to nighttime visibility and passing slow cars by!

The most risky part about traveling to the Grand Canyon is the extreme weather. It is especially important to be careful while hiking, for temperatures tend to either be hotter or colder than expected. Because hikes begin at the top of the rim and  head down, they can be more exhausting than mountain hikes because of the opposite order in descent and then ascent. It is recommended that you avoid hiking down the canyon and back in one day- pace yourself so you can truly make the most of your visit while staying safe.