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Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach

Finding your niche as an LGBT traveler can be hard, but at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach, you'll fit right in. Their staff is awaiting your ar…

Gay Huntington Beach

European settlement in this seaside Orange County city of nearly 200,000 people started when a Spanish soldier received a 300,000-acre land grant in 1784. It all blossomed from there. Today, Downtown Huntington Beach is a pilgrimage for every surfer in the country. The city even has an International Surfing Museum. What is there to say, this is Surf City, USA.

Spend your days in the beautiful Pacific surfing in the same water that the masters compete in or you can take a stroll through the beach community and make your way to the pier. No matter what you do, take a moment to watch the locals and learn to emulate the laid-back style. When you step away from downtown take a look at our gay and lesbian travel guide for the best LGBT community happenings. 

The Gay Scene in Huntington Beach

There are no gay-specific neighborhoods in Huntington Beach and you will have to get in your car to cruise around the gay scene the region has to offer, but that is to be expected you have to drive everywhere in Southern California.

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