Gay Interlaken

One of Switzerland’s oldest and most popular resorts, Interlaken is (unsurprisingly) nestled between two lakes on an alluvial plain in the Bernese Highlands. Three large mountains are found in the area nearby, which has made Interlaken a base camp for adventure sports such as mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, cross-country skiing, and toboggan riding. It’s not just winter sports that draw visitors to Interlaken, (though it is a premiere winter destination) there are plenty of fun things to do in summer as well, including paragliding and sailing on either gorgeous lake, Thun or Brienz.

If you wish to escape the sometimes-frenetic feel of a ski-resort the town has been known to have, the idyllic landscape and stunning views of Jungfrau, the third-highest mountain in the Bernese Alps, have long granted the region a calming sense of romance and charm. You can even take a trip to Europe’s highest rail station, Jungfrau Railway Station at 11,332 feet, while visiting; but maybe a view of the mountains from the large central park in town is enough to suffice your sense of grandeur.

The easiest way of getting to the area is by rail, with trains departing hourly to Lucerne in the east or Bern, the capital, in the west. Car rentals are also available, but would certainly spoil the breathtaking views and story characteristic of a Swiss Alps train ride.