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Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa

Discover the wonders of the Garden Isle at Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa. Set in the heart of Poipu, their remarkable hotel is balanced between …

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Gay Kauai

Kauai was Hawaii’s original premiere visitor destination, and was the first known place in Hawaii to be visited by european explorers. Captain James Cook’s voyage landed him on this island in 1778. This place still remains to be the relaxing tourist hotspot when other parts of the island seem simply too hectic. In Kauai you’ll find a variety of different sights to see such as grand waterfalls, narrow sea cliffs, crystal white sand beaches, and dark red clay canyons. Because of the intriguing geographic scenery, these areas have been the constant backdrops for hollywood movies such as Jurassic park and many more. Kauai is a “free” island that is tame and accessible. You can get lost on this island and find your way back to civilization in the form of mega resorts.

Kauai is most famous for the stunning natural scenery that is abundant through out the island and can be seen upon arrival. The natural abundance of vegetation on this island is sure to bring peace to the mind of the traveler and help relax sensory receptors. The more well known areas of this island are Waimea Canyon, Na pali coast, state park, and Alakai swmap. Waimea canyon is a ten mile long gorge cut in to the red basaltic soils by the waimea river. If there is a chance, any traveler should definitely try to get in for a closer look at Waimea canyon, it is breathtaking.

The best way to view the island is by kayak tour. You can rent or find kayaks easily along the shoreline or if you ask the mega-resorts they are sure to point you in the right direction; don’t forget your lifejackets! Once you board a kayak tour you’ll be able to see all the parts of the beautiful island, from the intricate corals that lay beneath to the glistening cliffs that surround the island.  If a kayak tour isn’t enough for you then head back to the mainland for a once in a lifetime helicopter tour. Tour the island in style and from far above and you cruise over the tall palm trees and envelop yourself in the breathtaking view that kauai has to offer from the air. We recommend that you bring a camera along and take as many pictures as possible, because the view from the air is absolutely breathtaking.

Gay-Friendly Dining


This is an upscale restaurant in Kilohana. It has a wine list and serves more fancy food in a sit down, restaurant setting. 

Shrimp Station

This place has a very large variety of dishes made with shrimp (garlic, chili, Thai, etc) and boasts the best coconut shrimp on the planet.

Tahiti Nui

The ambiance is wonderful, giving you the feel of dining in a traditional "Hale," a very Polynesian feel.