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Lima is Peru’s capital and biggest city, so it definitely should not to be missed during travels to this beautiful South American country. Lima is located in Peru’s central valley caused by its three major rivers, and overlooks the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. It is one of Latin America’s most populous cities, as well as one of its financial hub. It was the center of Spanish rule for hundreds of years, and this diversity comes across in its rich art, food, architecture, and culture!

The best way to get into Lima is via the Jorge Chaves International Airport. This central city is connected to various major destinations in South America and internationally as well. Because of the high concentration of flights arriving here, getting through immigration and customs can sometime take a little more time than usual so be sure to plan accordingly! Once you are in the city, rental cars are available but unless you are comfortable on South American roads its suggested that you take taxis or hire a driver, just to be safe.

The climate in Lima is comfortable and mild even though it is located in a desert area. Lima is planted near the Pacific Ocean, which offers excellent breezes to keep cool. Summers here are sunny, humid, and pleasant, lasting from December to April. Winters, from June to November, are easy and enjoyable. The only interruption to Lima climate is the El Nino season so be sure to book vacations accordingly! The sunsets in Lima are especially breathtaking- get outside around 7 each night so you don’t miss them.

Lima has the crime of any other major city, so the best thing to do to avoid crime is to keep a low profile, stay in well-populated and well-lit areas, and keep in groups. Be careful about picking up taxis on the spot- it is best to call a legitimate service ahead of time. Tourists in Lima are generally not victims of violent crime, but pickpocketing and thievery are always rampant so keep purses, wallets, and shopping bags as hidden as possible.

The Gay Scene in Lima

Lima, Peru apparently has a relatively small openly-gay community for a city of nearly 9 million people- and many gays are very much in the closet still. Although Lima has become more and more liberal in the last few years, it is important to bear in mind that Peru in general still has a macho and conservative culture.

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