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London is groovy man, and not just because of the mod ‘70s! London abides even after more than two millennia, maintaining its international importance as a commercial and cultural center. Gay London has also quietly developed a robust and visible LGBT community centered around the busy SoHo District.  At one time the center of queer partying and clubbing, this London locality has bloomed into a gentler, more balanced alternative to the overindulgences of other hardcore gay party areas like the Vauxhall Gay Village. The historical perviness of Soho has also been toned down in recent times with the closing of the Soho Revue bar, making it the end of night terminus of Central London pets after a difficult day on the job.

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You can’t get any more international than London. Over 300 languages are spoken locally, and more visitors pop through London than any other city in the world, visiting Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and all the royal in-betweens. There are more theaters than New York, and many of the world-class museums – such as the wonderful Tate Modern – are free.

Weather is of course gray and gloomy, with a touch of fog – but mostly for the dark winter months. Bask in more sun and not-so-cold temperatures from April to October, and enjoy the summer months where the average high is only 73º F. London is wet, but doesn’t receive much heavy rain, so waterproof outer layers should do the trick.

In the last 20 years, London's gay community has bravely and proudly stepped out of back alleys and clandestine barrooms into the mainstream streets, making London one of the world's leading city to visit for gay and lesbian travellers.

When you visit London, we think you should visit the main strip, Old Compton St. In London, plays walkway to uninhibited cruising and periodic exorbitance that the greater majority of folks have come to anticipate from the region. And if the handily central Soho has replaced Earls Court as London's premiere gay mecca, then south-of-the-river Vauxhall pictures itself as giving gay Soho a run for its money. But gay Vauxhall is preponderantly nocturnal, with prominent sweaty dance clubs, publics house and leather and fetish lairs pumping life into an otherwise unwelcoming region of London.  As in any sprawling city, make sure that you are aware of your surroundings. Late at night, it’s advised to stay in groups or take a cab. The English love to drink, and where there’s booze, there can be trouble!


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