Gay Lugano

The gorgeous lake resort town of Lugano is an Italian-speaking Swiss region of Ticino. This Swiss Riveria is host to architectural gems, gorgeous plazas and captivating iconic beauty. The southern part of Switzerland is the warmest area in the country so there are plenty of sunny days to enjoy! Lugano is meant to be explored on foot, especially to fully absorb the grandeour of its splendid churches and breathtaking San Lorenzo Cathedral. Iconic gallery Museo d'Arte is a true gem for all lovers of art from near and far.

Lugano Gay Scene

LGBT life in Lugano centers around the Gothic Sauna, with multiple floors, rooms, and ammenities. The Gothic Sauna even hosts themed parties, so to get a true taste of the Lugano gay scene grab your spa robe and look no ruther!

Gay-Friendly Dining Lugano


This epic bar is welcome to all and teaming with LGBT patrons!


This hipster cocktail bar is one of the coolest in town.