Gay Madrid

If you’re planning a getaway to Spain, and you’ve already decided on visits to such gay hot spots as Barcelona, Sitges, and Ibiza, be sure to set aside at least two or three days to explore the nation’s capital and partake of its gleeful goings-on. Although not as famous for sightseeing as some other world capitals, Gay Madrid has plenty to see and do, especially if you’re a fan of art museums. Our travel guide will show that it’s a relatively compact city, and you can walk to most points of interest with relative ease. Puerto del Sol, a square and transport hub, marks the center of the city; it’s a 10-minute walk southwest of Chueca, Madrid’s gay neighborhood, and a good base for orienting yourself. Sightseeing highlights include a mix of architectural landmarks and museums.

There’s the city’s most distinctive square, Plaza Mayor, which is enclosed by stunning 17th- and 18th-century town houses and filled with lively outdoor cafes. Cathedral de la Almudena ranks among the nation’s most dramatic cathedrals and took 110 years to build. It’s worth spending a couple of hours touring Palacio Real, the official residence of Spain’s royal family, which contains some 3,000 rooms.

Madrid has an active, really raunchy and wild gay scene. The main gay meeting area in Madrid is called Chueca (Pronounced Choo-aye-ka).  There are many sex bars and most bars have dark lit rooms, where you'll find, anything goes.   This gay Madrid area, Chueca, is located in the old quarter almost directly in the center of gay Madrid. It's a tightly enclosed area, with it being actually two areas a very small distance apart. Madrileños like all Spaniards party late, going out to eat at around 10pm, then hitting the bars at 1am and on to the dance clubs at about 4am after the bars close business. Madrid boasts renowned museums such as Museo del Prado, Museo Reina Sofia, and Museo Thyssen Bornemisza.
Madrid will be the proud host WorldPride 2017.

Madrid Gay Scene

Although it’s one of the more reserved cities in Western Europe, Madrid claims one of the continent’s most ebullient gay neighborhoods, Chueca, a compact warren of narrow streets that contains well over a hundred gay-oriented businesses, including bars, clubs, coffeehouses, restaurants, clothiers, and design shops, making it one happening gay scene. The mixing of gay and straight cultures in Chueca has gone well, without much tension. It’s a safe neighborhood for same-sex hand-holding or even kissing. In this city long characterized by its formality and solemnity, Chueca has emerged into a place where people feel free to let their hair down. The gay community turned Chueca into a safe zone for cutting loose, expressing creativity, and having a good time, and now it seems the rest of Madrid has come to embrace it. As Chueca’s star continues to rise and prices do, too, some gay business owners may find it hard to afford staying here. For now, however, it’s one of the most dynamic gay neighborhoods anywhere. Madrid’s gay bars and clubs tend to be small, even the popular ones—prepare for dark and often smoky confines—and the vast majority are right in Chueca.

Gay-Friendly Dining


Gay friendly and spacious cafe with delicious food.

Divina La Cocina

Gay-friendly and upscale restaurant

Mercado de la Reina

Mercado de la Reina is one of Madrid’s best. The kitchen retrieves typical Spanish smells and flavours.

Oita Cafe

Amazing coffee, and the pastries…to die for!