Gay Malta

Malta is the land of the honey. The best time of year to visit Malta is during the summer between April and October when the weather is perfectly nice and warm. As a Mediterranean city, it experiences a dry summer and a mild winter that comes with occasional rain and fog.

Malta is full of glistening sandy beaches, perfect weather, shopping centers, and a rambunctious nightlife. Because the island is so small you won’t be able to find many venues that cater exclusively to the gay community but there certainly are a few that are notable. If you are in the area, you ought to check out Klozet, it is the ONLY gay club in Malta and is open for partying into the wee hours of 4ams. Klozet has become more of a popular icon amongst the younger crowd but you can still find older generations partying the night away in their club. Best of all entrance is free.

The beaches in Malta are absolutely gorgeous and are a must see for anyone visiting the area. The most prominent beach is the Gnejna bay, most locals gather on a plateau next to the beach which provides an amazing view of the ocean. You are provided with a full view of the Mediterranean ocean from an excellent vantage point atop the plateau. If that isn’t enough then gather on the white rocks below the Madliena coastal tower; you’ll be presented with an amazing view that you are sure to remember for a lifetime.

The attitude towards the LGBT community is one that is fairly positive in Malta. The younger generation especially is open towards other lifestyles and are open-minded people in general. As a gay traveler, if you come to gay Malta then you will feel perfectly at home in this Mediterranean paradise.

A bill allowing same-sex marriage passed the Parliament on July 12, 2017. The bill awaits signature by the President and will go into effect later in 2017.


The Gay Scene in Malta

Malta has a small but thriving gay community made up of both Maltese and foreign residents.  There is a wide selection of clubs and bars in the Paceville and St Julians areas, but only a few cater specifically to LGBT patrons.

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