LGBT Scene in Malta

Malta has a very small but a very thriving gay community presence. That community is comprised of both Maltese residents and international travelers. In Malta you will find countless clubs and bars, but only a few specially caters to the gay community. One of the oldest gay bars in the Malta area is known as Tom Bar which is in Floriana, a suburb of Valletta. This bar is very nice and has recently been refurbished to reveal another new floor on top making it a two story bar.

If you want to party with the younger generation then head over to Klozet. Klozet is a gay club in Malta that caters specifically to the younger gay community, it is truly the hotspot of gay nightlife in Malta. The venue is extremely popular with the younger crowd that wants to party hard, but don’t be fooled you’ll still find the older generation there partying the night away.
For a quick change of atmosphere head over to O bar and spa which is located centrally in Paceville. This bar is strictly men-only and also boasts a brand new modern mens-only sauna. For now the bar is only open on Friday and Saturdays so don’t come here on any other days because you won’t be able to get in!

Malta has a very accepting attitude towards the LGBT community. This destination should definitely be on your list of places to visit. Beautiful beaches, gorgeous white sand, and a wonderful view, what more could a gay traveler ask for?