Gay Martinique

Martinique is a fabulous French island that is part of the Lesser Antilles. The island is quite unique, but you should familiarize yourself with the native tongue. The inhabitants of Martinique speak Antillean Creole and French. The island is an elegant melting pot of Caribbean and French cultures. Martinique is actually one of the more exclusive islands in the Caribbean. With many French exports available, such as Chanel products, the island is popular destination for young adults. In fact, Martinique has always been a hot-spot for travelers regardless of socioeconomic status. 

One of the most notable elements of the island is the cuisine. Martinique blends French, African, Asian, and Carib Amerindian traditions to create some of the most delectable fare in the Caribbean! The "Colombo" is the most famous dishes on the island. Desserts range from cakes to locally grown fruits, such as pineapple. Many dishes are cooked with or enjoyed with rum. So if you're a fan of rum, you are almost guaranteed to enjoy any dining experience in Martinique!