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As one of the world’s most populous urban centers, with over 20 million people, Mexico City is intense. Thankfully, the people are gregarious, the pollution is less than commonly stereotyped, and crime has fallen to be on par with most mega-cities. Costs are also comparatively lower here, making the city an affordable urban destination.

Mexico City is also a fantastic place for gay and lesbian travelers, as the city has been at the leading age of gay rights in the country. Same-sex marriage is now legal in Mexico City, which demonstrates how fully the enormous metropolis is bucking the traditionally conservative, Catholic Church-influenced national culture.

Distrito Federal, or D.F. as its known locally, has a long history that radiates out from the bustling Zócalo in the Centro Historico. The Zócalo, also known as the Plaza de la Constitución, is the largest in Latin America and third largest in the world after only Beijing’s Tiananmen and Moscow’s Red Square. Most historical colonial landmarks, including the Aztec Templo Mayor, can be found here. Everything else is easily visited via the city’s extensive – if crowded – metro system.

Mexico City’s higher elevation is particularly suited to year round travel, because the summers are not as stifling as many in Mexico. In fact, the warmest months are March through June, overlapped by the rainy season that runs from May to the end of September. November through March is especially gorgeous, with moderate highs cooling off at night and little rain. The elevation is real, though, so bring ample clothes for the nighttime!

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Nothing is better than authentic Mexican food. Mexico City has a host of gay-friendly restaurants that serves some of the best Mexican food.

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Check out these local gay bars if you are looking to let loose and have some fun once you arrive.

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