Gay Montana

There's no place like Montana for gay travelers who love the outdoors and the recreational acitivities that go along with it. The diverse and beautiful landscape offer many opportunities for the variety of tourists. From the Great Plains to the Rocky Mountains, travelers have chances for hiking, fishing, camping, cycling, horseback riding, and skiing. Don't expect a large and energetic city scene out in Montana. The breathtaking scenery and nature offers a different vibe to the gay traveler.

During the winter season, temperatures average below freezing, making this the optimal time of year for taking a ski trip. Then towards July, temperatures average between 80-90 degrees, making this a popular time for travelers who love to fish and hike. Regardless of the time of year, travelers are usually inclined to visit Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and of course the lovely Montana State Parks. These parks are where travelers go to marvel at the geography and wildlife. 

Want a fabulous getaway, but not looking for the city scene? Pack your bags and hiking boots and head to Montana! You won't regret it.

Destinations within Montana