Gay Montepulciano

The largest of Tuscany’s famed hill towns, Montepulciano is world famous for it’s wines.  Most notably, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.  Located in the heart of Italy’s bread (or should we say wine?) basket, the city is full of incredibly well-preserved medieval architecture and surrounded by the lush beauty of the Italian interior.  Sip wine at a cafe watching the sunset over Tuscany.  Indulge in local art galleries stretching outward from the central Piazza.  Get lost in the magnificent countryside.  This is Europe - and in particular Italy - at it’s best.

The Gay Scene in Montepulciano

Because Montepulciao is a small down deep in the Italian countryside, there is no major gay scene to speak of.  Still, because of the region’s openness to tourists, locals and other visitors alike tend to be both open-minded and accepting.

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