Gay Montevideo

Montevideo offers everything one would expect in a large city, but in a much more relaxed manner than other urban areas in the region.  In addition, Uruguay has been rated the most gay-friendly country in South America and Montevideo is home to its largest LGBT community. Same-sex marriage was legalized in 2012, and it’s common to see gay couples holding hands as they stroll along the extremely popular waterfront promenade known as the Rambla, or anywhere else for that matter.  

As a tourist you’ll have plenty of options to occupy your time. A typical day might include visiting museums in the morning, getting lunch in the Old Town (Ciudad Vieja), and an afternoon spent at the beach or on a bike ride along the Rambla. One can also opt to visit a local winery for a taste of some favorite libations including the world-famous Tannat. While it’s easy enough to set out independently, there are also numerous organized tours to suit your fancy.

You may want to take a nap before heading out for dinner or to sample the nightlife because things get going late in Montevideo! Most restaurants don’t open until after 8pm, and are busy from 10pm until midnight.  Nightclubs open after midnight and don’t fill up until around 2am. The restaurant scene is changing rapidly in Montevideo, with a range of places offering global cuisines beyond the much more common grilled meat or Italian dishes. A stay of two or three days will allow you to see most of the city, and it is recommended to explore other areas in Uruguay as well!

Gay-Friendly Dining

Mercado Agrícola de Montevideo

The "MAM" is worth a visit for the architecture and various tourist stores, includes a restaurant and food court.

Lovely gay-owned café serving Czech style coffee and food.  

Potts Sweets and Coffee

Situated on the corner of Eduardo Acevedo and Isla de Flores streets in the neighborhood of Palermo, this charming place is open from morning until early evening and offers coffee, tea, and sweets all day, as well as a full lunch menu. The cafe has free wi-fi as well as books in Spanish and English and serves as a meeting location for the LGBT community

Gay-Friendly Nightlife

Bar Rodo

A small gay-friendly neighborhood bar where you can grab a drink before heading to the clubs.

Chains Pub

This nightclub with a more diverse clientele and shows on the weekend.

Caín Dance

This epic hotspot is most popular with a younger clientele.

Il Tempo

A popular nightclub with a diverse crowd, Il Tempo is not to be missed!

Author: Tim Dubel, Global Roamad

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