Gay Montreal The City of Design

In 2006 Gay Montreal was designated one of three cities in the world to receive the City of Design award. Stunning architecture is seen all throughout the city from the 19th century bank headquarters to the Expo 67 building and the city's myriad of great churches.  Gay Montreal is a city of greatness, although it is considered a young city. This young city boasts a population mainly in secondary schools such as colleges and junior colleges. There are at least 5 universities and 12 junior colleges in a five mile radius so you don’t have to look far for some exciting nightlife.  The nightlife scene here can be a little hectic, especially with the large amount of colleges nearby. During weekends you’ll find packed clubs and filled bars, as the students venture out into the city for their late night partying fix.

Montreal also boasts the infamous Montreal Gay village. The gay village is the center for all things LGBT in Montreal and is a must see destination for the gay traveler. The village is one of the largest gay villages in North America. It comprises of a mix of residents ranging from university students, to straight and lgbt families. Please note that some locals report a little sketchiness in the area but nothing major or particularly life threatening. This place is truly a place that the gay traveler must visit in his or her lifetime. This is definitely a destination not to be missed, I mean who can honestly say they’ve been to one of the largest gay villages in North America. You do not want to miss out of this grand destination.

If you are looking to get around the city then you’ll do just fine without a car. Montreal has a modern and fully functioning metropolitan transit system. This system is great and will allow any traveler to venture around the city for a low fare. You can take the bus or the subway; either way you are sure to end up where you want to go. Remember, this is really a destination that you absolutely cannot miss!

The Gay Scene in Montreal

Montreal is a very friendly city for the gay traveler and has a quite large gay scene. So much so that few residents take a second glance at the offers for gay sex promoted at the city’s nine bathhouses. Montreal also offers a gay hotline (Phone: 1-514.866.5090 - Website: as well as a community center (Address: 2075 Plessis Phone: 1-514.528 - Website:

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Restaurants in Montreal

Montreal has great dining with tons of gay-friendly restaurants to choose from.

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Local Tips in Montreal

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