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Delhi is one of the largest metropolitan cities by area and population in India, which makes for an incredibly rich visit. It has historically been a huge political, cultural, and commercial city along major trade routes. It is rich with ancient archeological sites and monuments, so there is something to learn from this vibrant city from dawn until dusk. Delhi has a diverse population of residents and visitors, so it will definitely satisfy your cravings for culture.

Summer in Delhi are extremely long and hot, usually lasting from April to October. Monsoon season happens during the middle of summer, providing relief from the heat but adding humidity to the mix. Delhi winters are brief and mild, and are especially known for its heavy fog. Most of Delhi’s rainy season occurs during the monsoons of July and August.

The most direct way to get into Delhi is by the Indira Ghandi International Airport. Although its train system is a bit confusing and outdated, the Delhi Metro provides a great option for getting around. There are also a plethora of “hop-on-hop-off” buses, auto rickshaws, and taxis that are all great for shorter trips around town. Because it is so busy, Delhi isn’t the best city for walking. If you do decide to take the city by foot, stay in groups and watch out for vehicles crowding the roads.

Delhi doesn’t have the best reputation for safety, especially when it comes to travel scams. Be careful about unsolicited advice or directions, and be sure to blend in with locals and other civilians while out and about. Pick pocketing is rampant in the city so keep your wallet and passport in a secure money belt and only carry a little bit of cash on you at a time. Another important tip is to drink only bottled water so as to avoid water-related illnesses.

The Gay Scene in New Delhi

Delhi has an emerging LGBT community that really offers locals and tourists a taste of colorful diversity.

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