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Bonjour! Ah, Gay Paris! C’est joli! C’est génial!!

Paris is a gay’s best friend. Paris has all of the elements one needs for a fabulous vacation: romance, history, culture, and a population who embody la joie de vivre. Men sipping espresso at cafes, women walking their canine companions down the wide avenue of les Champs-Elysees, or couples frolicking carelessly around l’Arc de Triomphe, nothing is finer than a trip to Paris!

The center of Gay Paris is the Marais, an old district in the 4th Arrondissement of Paris with lovely, narrow streets breathing centuries-old history. You'll find a good deal of gay bars, cafés and shops here, as well as plenty of gay-friendly eateries, most of them around each other, creating a dynamic close-knit community.

Paris was the first European capital to vote in an openly gay mayor, so if you want to display your affection in public, go for it!  You most certainly will not be raising any Parisians’ eyebrows.  We should mention gay Parisians can be a little unmanageable when it comes to flirting. Our advice: don't waste your time with behavior research to comprehend the rituals and peculiarities of flirting in the gay scene of Paris. Just have fun!

To maximize your croissant-nibbling, coffee-sipping, people-watching café time, we suggest visiting Gay Paris any time throughout the summer season when you will find that it is not too crowded since many Parisians are away for vacation. June a fantastic time to be in Paris and is the month to enjoy Paris Gay Pride, called La Marche des Fiertés LGBT in France.

Expect to bundle up on French winter days as the temperature can be quite cold, but rarely will it drop below freezing. The spring and autumn months are comfortable, but of course quite unpredictable!  This is France, after all…

“Nous vous souhaitons un excellent voyage a Paris!”  (We wish you an excellent journey in Paris!)

Paris Gay Scene

The vast majority of Paris is gay-friendly and travelers will have no problems being held lovingly in the streets. Paris offers the gay traveler excellent nightlife and a comfortable atmosphere. The gay scene keeps its home in Le Marais, where you will find gay bars, restaurants, and more.

The gays have grown up alongside Paris, preserving the best parts of this historical city and bringing the rest of it up to speed. The passionate heart of the gay community will be found in Le Marais, where you can enjoy a gay club sitting atop a gay bar alongside a gay restaurant – gay Paree, indeed!

Banana Café has been around for ages, and while it hasn’t changed with the times, it remains popular in the Les Halles district. In Le Marais, sneak into Le Duplex for some quiet conversation, or be seen on the gayest terrace in town at Les Marronniers. Quetzal packs the electro punch on the weekends, and visit l’Enchanteur to chat up a local. French gays will be more than happy to stutter out their English – as long as you attempt to butcher French. Don’t expect them to know English, make an effort, and it will go a long way towards making a new friend! Lesbians are well looked after in Paris such as at Les 3w kafé.

Paris Plage is a must-see in the summer when the borders of the River Seine are transformed into a beach promenade. Gay Pride is in late June, with festivals happening in small French cities throughout June and July. October hosts the Nuit Blanche cultural festival, where artists add their creative energy to the city and makes a fine time to visit.

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Paris has been carefully planned for the pedestrian with wide beautiful boulevards, manicured parks, and a dense network of public transportation. The Metro, buses, and trains, all allow easy access to destinations throughout the city and surrounding countryside. A map is highly recommended, as the serpentine streets lined with picturesque cafes, can easily cause visitors to lose themselves. The city is divided into 20 arrondissements, or districts, that spiral clockwise out from the city center, like the shell of l’escargot.

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Paris offers excellent French cuisine. Here are just a few of many gay-friendly restaurants we think you will enjoy.

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Paris offers excellent nightlife with gay bars and clubs that don’t stop until the early hours in the morning.

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