Gay Playa del Carmen

“There is something special down here, something indescribable.”

Playa possesses a specific and unique feeling that you will not find anywhere else. You feel free here, free and alive. In fact, Playa is a melting-pot town. Its cornerstone has been built on every single nationality, trend, taste and culture. All of them are represented, alive and tangible. Each of them has brought a bit of its own country to implant it here.

The bohemian atmosphere of Playa Del Carmen offers you a blissful feeling. You always feel relaxed and happy. Acceptance of each other is the motto word. Everyone finds one’s own place and is fully accepted by the city and its inhabitants. No one is let out.

Many gays have started seeing Playa del Carmen as a sophisticated alternative to super-gay Puerto Vallarta or tourist-filled Cancun. Only a one-hour ferry ride from Cozumel, the town used to be seen as a stop along the way back to Cancun. It has now grown up and come into its own as a worthy destination. 

Since there are mostly European travelers here, the vibe is much different than Cancun. Most beaches are top-optional, and English is not the only other language you will hear. The main drag in Playa de Carmen is Quinta Avenida, which is a colorful, mostly pedestrian zone that fills every evening with people patronizing the many venues that line the avenue. Playa 69 Gay Club is the spot to be for gay travelers, as they have been proud proponents of the burgeoning local scene.

Beyond Playa, there are four eco-parks which are widely loved. Similar to State Parks in the US, these are private concessions granted by the Mexican government – but maintain the incredible beauty of the surrounding environment through sustainable tourism. These parks are less crowded and cleaner than public beaches, and offer snorkeling, tubing, and general exploring in a more intimate environment. Xcaret focuses on Mayan ruins; Xel-Ha is an all-inclusive natural aquarium with diving and more; Xplor has a number of neat limestone caves and grottos; the Aviaro is a bird aviary; and the Tres Rios Nature Park is spread over a stunning, uncultivated 326 acres of lowland jungle and mangroves.

There is a lot to do in the region, so plant yourself among the other traveling gays in Playa and then venture out from there!

The Gay Scene in Playa del Carmen

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