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Vintage Design Hotel Sax

Hotel Sax invites you to the magic world of 50´s, 60´s and 70´s design created under the hands of some of the best masters.

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James Hotel & Apartments

James Hotel & Apartments -  Huge apartments suitable for LGBTQ families, groups of friends or business colleagues.

Gay Travel Prague

The beautiful city of Prague has been attracting increasing numbers of gay tourists every year now since the curtain finally fell on 41 years of Communist rule in 1989. The city, so grey and drab during that period, is now a riot of colour and its fabulous buildings have been brought back to life. Improvements in tourist infrastructure have also proceeded apace with restaurants and bars of every type and for every budget springing up regularly. 

The city has 3 absolute ‘must-see’ sights: the legendary 1000 year old Prague Castle which looms above the city, Old Town Square and The Charles Bridge which spans the scenic and pleasant Vltava river. But these 3 attractions are just the tip of the iceberg; there are countless churches and scores of beautiful buildings of many different architectural styles. The two old towns, Mala Strana and Stare Mesto, teem with buildings of historical interest and the latter also features the best preserved Jewish quarter in Central Europe. 

Prague is extremely easy to visit. It’s safe, most places are walkable and there is a cheap and reliable local transport network if you prefer to rest your legs. With the Czech crown now much stronger than it was, prices are not the bargain they once were, but you can still get some great value in local restaurants and pubs; beer for example is not much more than 1 euro for a half liter in many places.

The Gay Scene in Prague

Despite recent claims that some in the country are not to open to the gay lifestyle, the Czech Republic is the first Iron Curtain country to legalize same-sex unions.

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Prague has lots of great gay friendly places to eat.

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