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Hotel San Marino

At Hotel San Marino redefine efficient service with an effortless style and gracious attitude.

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Villa Divina

Located in in the beautiful area of Conchas Chinas

Gay Puerto Vallarta

In 2017, Puerto Vallarta became our first Gay Travel Approved®  city in Mexico and Zona Romantica was crowned as the 2016 Gay Travel Awards  Gayborhood of the Year.  This was the inaugural year for the award which recognizes global travel and hospitality providers that exemplify the spirit of inclusiveness, as well as innovators that constantly improve their amenities and service levels for the LGBT community.  

Considered by many to be the San Francisco of Mexico, gay tourists from all over the world travel each year to beautiful Puerto Vallarta, an easily accessible, accepting, and a very affordable gay beach destination. Unlike some cities in Mexico focused exclusively on modern day luxury with a distinctly resort feel, Puerto Vallarta offers a little something for everyone. There are luxury accommodations, but Puerto Vallarta has so much more to offer — it is truly all about showcasing the best of Mexico.

Do you want adventure travel? It's here. Fine cuisine? Done. A drink at the gay beach? Puerto Vallarta has that too. And it's all set against a rich cultural landscape that seamlessly blends the finest modern amenities with the tradition and history of the Mexico of yesteryear. Puerto Vallarta has more gay English speakers than anywhere else in Mexico, and its year-round beach climate makes LGBT tourists from all over the world flock here. If you're looking for a gaycation you won't soon forget, Puerto Vallarta has it all. 

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If Puerto Vallarta is the “San Francisco of Mexico,” the consider Zona Romantica the city's Castro district. Packed with dance clubs, more than 20  gay and friendly bars, saunas, gay boat tours, cabarets, a gay beach, a gay bar hopping tour, and a thriving arts and culture scene. If you're looking for your time in Puerto Vallarta to be gay-centric, you never have to leave Zona Romantica. Centered in PV's Old Town, Zona Romantica plays foil to the sprawling resorts dominating “Nuevo Vallarta” north of the river. The Mexican colonial charms of the Puerto Vallarta gay zone are similar to San Francisco and Ibiza. 

Shimmering Banderas Bay not only provides the backdrop for endless beaches and some of the most fantastic sunsets ever photographed but also creates some incredible opportunities to explore beyond the city. Jump on a city bus and visit surfer’s paradise Sayulita. Scheduled boats leave from Los Muertos Pier to a variety of secluded gay hotspots, including the small, care-free village of Yelapa.

Puerto Vallarta is also a top beach destination for Mexican tourists, so visiting during large public holidays like Semana Santa and Latin Fever (Thanksgiving and New Years) will ensure the town is extra-packed. Peak travel season coincides with the colder climates up north — "the gays" tend to start migrating really south starting in October! The summer months between June until October provide daily tropical, refreshing rains to cool down some of the humidity.

But no matter when you visit, Puerto Vallarta has something to offer everyone, and it's a destination city unlike no other in Mexico. Read on for some of our personal recommendations and tips and to check out our Gay Travel Celebrity Gurus making some memories of their own in Puerto Vallarta. 

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The Gay Scene in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s top gay destinations because it has a great deal more tolerance, and in fact, a great deal more entertainment geared towards the gay scene than any other city in Mexico. Head to the old town area where you will find gay clubs and countless gay bars and restaurants.

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Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is home to some of the world’s finest restaurants and has won many accolades due to its variety of restaurants ranging from the urban chic to the ultra gourmet.  There are three annual culinary festivals and one for wine connoisseurs, where you can indulge till your heart’s content on both delicious food creations from global chefs flown in for the events, and excellent wines from around the world.  While in Vallarta, go for some of the local delicacies like Agua Chile, Chile Rellenos, and Birria available throughout the cities known as fondas.

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Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta

The nightlife can start on the beach in early afternoon and has be known to end up back at the beach after a dizzying 24 hours. Bars come and go with changing trends and fads, the leaders in today ́s Vallarta include Paco ́s Ranch, La Noche, CC Slaughters, and Enter on Weekends. Check out Garbo for entertainment. There are probably over 30 bars and clubs on offer catering to every category from Bears and Cubs, Sugar Daddies, EMOS, Muscle Marys, Cowboys, and Preps. Drag shows are still popular as are go-go boys in bikinis.

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Local Tips in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta offers an extreme variety of activities that will seduce even the most urban, social media addicted gay visitor. With 27 miles of coastline, there is plenty of space to allow you be in the throng of thongs or enjoy a secluded beach just for 2.

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