Gay Punta del Este

When Brazilians and Argentinians consider a town a beach resort you know you’re in business. Punta del Este, Punta to the locals, is Uruguay’s answer to St. Tropez and Ibiza. Punta del Este is home to the beautiful gay beach known as Chihuahua where you’ll find gorgeous freshwater lagoons and miles of pristine sand and the inspiring casa pueblo that hosts sunset concerts all summer long.

If winter in the Northern Hemisphere is getting you down head South until it is summer again. In the summer tourist season Punta del Este’s population jumps by around half a million people. The weather will be perfect from December to March, but if you are trying to avoid the crowds you can plan on the weather to be amazing all the way into June.

Chances are that when you are in Punta del Este you won’t leave the beach, but if you do want to take a tour around the city and explore some of the beautiful colonial architecture or the popular handicraft market in Artigas square you will want to rent a car.

As always you should be aware of your surroundings when you travel, but crime in Punta del Este is almost nonexistent. The town is a little on the conservative side so you might get some stares if you are big on the PDA, but all in all Punta del Este is the perfect place to get a taste of summer in the middle of winter.