Gay Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro was recently selected as the most popular gay destination in the world.This South American paradise, Brazil’s second-largest city, is all you’d expect it to be. Rio is quite famous for its amazingly beautiful landscape that will be sure to take your breath away.

Love the feeling of warm sand between your toes while you sip on a ice cold drink? Don't forget about Rio's amazingly gorgeous beaches. The temperatures here remain warm year round making it a popular vacation destination. Rio is best known for the beach Copacabana, a beach of crystal white sand stretching 4 kilometers wide located on the south side of the city.

Don't forget about the teeming gay nightlife that has exploded within the last decade. Visit the hottest clubs and bars and party the night away with new friends and great drinks all around. Looking for something more relaxing? Rio De Janeiro also boasts a wide variety of restaruants, clubs, art galleries, universities, theaters, and lots of shopping. Gay Rio De Janeiro is a city of superlatives. Despite perceived problems, gay and lesbian tourism has climbed over the past decade. There are nearly a hundred live theaters, sixty-plus museums, night clubs, and evening entertainment centers too numerous to count.

The Gay Scene in Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has been attracting gay and lesbian tourists since the turn of the 20th century. Gay balls date to the 1930s and Carnaval has always been the perfect excuse for gay travelers to dress up and strut their stuff. While there make sure to stop by the Ipanema neighborhood and the nearby Leblon, which are the centers of the GLBT community and the gay scene, feature gay venues mixed in with art galleries, schools and plenty of shopping.

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Restaurants in Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro has some of the most unique cuisines around. Enjoy trying something new at any of these gay friendly restaurants.

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Nightlife in Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro keeps the party going all night long with several gay bars and night clubs.

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Local Tips in Rio De Janeiro

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