San Antonio Gay Guide

They really do do things bigger in Texas! San Antonio is a great example of this feat- it is not only the site of The Alamo and contemporary military hubs, but is home to vast amounts of ethnic diversity and historical significance. Mexican-American forces combine to offer residents and visitors a spicy taste of cultural fusion. Tourism is one of the main industries in this Texan town, so there are tons of great things to keep you busy all year round!

The San Antonio climate alternates between dry and humid depending on the season. Summers are scorching with temperatures in the 90’s, and Winters can be sprinkled with some freezing nights. Mild rain during Autumns and Springs make the weather cycle complete. The hottest months tend to be July and August, while the coldest is January. Be sure to bring some fur-lined cowboy boots!

Like most major cities, San Antonio has an extensive roadway and bus system to service the community. Public transportation makes the various areas of the city accessible, and Amtrak and the San Antonio International Airport provide connections to surrounding cities, both near and far. There are also many biking and walking paths with many nature trails. Whether you are looking for cost effective, efficient, or action-promoting transportation, San Antonio is the city for you.

Most of the crimes in San Antonio are property crimes, so be sure to leave valuables in areas that aren’t visible to the public. Also, lock residences and cars well to avoid break-ins. There are pockets of the inner city where more major crimes occur, but staying to the well populated and tourist-centered areas will help promote safety.

Pictures provided by Texas Tourism and Kenny Braun

The Gay Scene in San Antonio

San Antonio has a vibrant LGBT scene with lots of gay-friendly and gay-owned business. “The Strip” is the main gay business district, but areas like the Southwest San Antonio Arts District definitely have a rainbow flare. If you like artsy tourist destinations, San Antonio’s variety of museums will definitely satisfy your craving for creative juices.

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