Urban Mo’s

San Diego ’s Hillcrest is home to the quirkiest, most wonderful, hybrid GLBT establishment in the States. I call it that for lack of a better word. Urban Mo’s is part restaurant, part bar, and part nightclub. Located in the heart of Hillcrest, on 308 University Avenue , this perfect concoction of food, drink, and dance will have you asking for seconds (maybe thirds?).  This is the place to start your night. However, you might not get far after drinking their Kickass Margarita. They are best known for their blue margarita. After a few sips, you’ll be wearing a smile.  After a few margaritas, you’ll be wearing nothing but a smile. And that would be okay.  Hillcrest wouldn’t be Hillcrest without Urban Mo’s. Collect the plastic toy farm animals in your drink, laugh, and enjoy your fiends in what is San Diego ’s hottest hotspot. Dance a little and order a second round (and third) round of their legendary Kickass Margaritas. You’re in San Diego! This place might just change your life. I’ll see you there.

308 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103
Cross Streets: Hillcrest