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For a coastal region, the Los Angeles area is surprisingly short on public beaches.  This is likely why tourists and locals alike flock to Santa Monica on sunny days.  The jewel of Santa Monica is, of course, the Santa Monica Beach where the sands seem to stretch on endlessly and bikini and speedo clad beauties strut their stuff for all to see.  But what makes Santa Monica a true gay paradise is the combination of gorgeous beaches with – what else – shopping!  Not to mention, fine dining, art galleries, street performers and a pier that takes you back to childhood memories on Coney Island.
In true California style, the beach is not just for sun worship – a variety of activities are available including the usual suspects such as swimming, surfing, biking and stretching to beach-side chess and gymnastics!  Just steps away from all the ocean-front action stands the historic Santa Monica Pier.  Built over one hundred years ago in 1909, the pier hosts an aquarium, a vintage carousel and an abundance of restaurants, shopping and vendors – including an arcade and a trapeze school!
Walk a block from the beach and you can’t miss Santa Monica’s famous Third Street Promenade.  The city of Santa Monica cut the entire street off from traffic to create a shopping and people watching paradise.  Gay visitors will love the variety of shopping and restaurants along this stretch, but the undeniable fun is the street performers who juggle, sing, mime and give the street a fun carnival-like atmosphere.  Dogs are welcome at most outdoor cafes so gay couples with fur-children have a perfect day to spend with their best friend.
Santa Monica is within easy driving distance of everything else that Los Angeles has to offer which makes it a perfect place to stay or a must-see destination for gay visitors to the region.

The Gay Scene in Santa Monica

On any given day in Santa Monica you’ll find friendly, sun-kissed LGBT locals leisurely strolling the beach or drinking coffee at a local café. The city is the epitome of Southern California. If you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of West Hollywood or Los Angeles, head west to Santa Monica.

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