Gay Santa Rosa

Beautiful Santa Rosa is only 55 miles north of San Francisco which makes it the perfect stop along the California Coast. This quaint town is the largest in Sonoma County, which makes it an incredible base camp for the incredible Napa Valley wine tasting tour of your dreams. Its ideal location makes Santa Rosa easy to get to from all directions, especially from nearby San Francisco. There is also a vibrant bike culture in and around town that offers visitors an amazing opportunity to enjoy nature and outdoor activities during all seasons of the year. 

Santa Rosa's climate is mild and enjoyable, with cool wet winters and mild warm summers. Fog tends to roll in during early hours of the day and again in the evenings but most days yeild to the famous California sunshine! This amazing climate also allows Santa Rosa to be home to an incredible array of wildlife that will keep every nature lover on their toes! For deer, egrets, herons and more, look no further than Santa Rosa.

There are many cultural and nature attractions that honor its incredible history. The Sonoma County Museum, Carrillo Adobe, and Railroad Square are some major highlights of the area. Santa Rosa also boasts an amazing musical performing arts streak so be sure to book some concert tickets while you are in town! And of course, wineries of Santa Rosa are one of a kind so look no further than a lifechanging vino fix.