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Loews Hotel 1000, Seattle

Be some of the first guests to experience The Loews Hotel 1000, Seattle’s total transformation!

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Sheraton Seattle

Celebrate your pride. Steps from Pike Place Market and the Seattle waterfront, Sheraton Seattle Hotel is a contemporary urban retreat in the heart …

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Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle

Embark on an enlightening voyage through downtown Seattle’s cultural epicentre, where you will be swept up in the gentle embrace of the Pacific.

Gay Seattle

Of the stereotypical things that pop into mind when thinking of Seattle, a robust gay population isn’t necessarily one of them. Sure there’s the grunge music scene (which isn’t so prevalent anymore, actually), Starbucks Coffee was founded here, and it may not have the most precipitation in America, but over 200 cloudy days a year don’t help its weather reputation any. Coffee, rain, and Kurt Cobain have nothing on Seattle’s gay residents though. In terms of percent of population, the only American city to be more densely concentrated in homosexuals is San Francisco. That makes Seattle the second-gayest city in America! Dan Savage would be so proud.

Perhaps it’s just the damp mood that draws us creative types to this city. Seattle has a bustling arts scene unsurprisingly centered on its gayest neighborhood: Capitol Hill. There you’ll find thriving nightclubs featuring a diverse mix of musical tastes—Hip Hop artist and ally Macklemore happens to be from Seattle. There are also a number of venues and fringe theaters showcasing performances of a more vaudevillian nature. It’s no wonder, given Seattle’s reputation as a bastion for liberalism and counterculture, that the people here are so accepting of their fellow gay citizens. So much so in fact, Washington voters recently approved gay marriage legislation, and official ceremonies have been performed there since late 2012.

‘The Emerald City’ receives its sobriquet from the lush, green foliage surrounding the area. Logging was Seattle’s primary industry in the 19th century, but today one can hike and explore the mossy woods without hearing chainsaws in Olympic National Park or on Mount Rainier. Seattle is an unparalleled base for nature lovers, and it has built a relaxed vibe that caters to a lifestyle facilitated by the natural environs. Outdoor activities including camping, hiking, kayaking, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, and climbing are popular seasonally. The fish market at Pikes Place Market is another favorite spot to explore in the city, and the view from the Space Needle shouldn’t be missed.

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Our gay travel information will put you right in the center of Capitol Hill, Seattle’s main gay arena. It’s a charming historic area where the epicenter of the city’s gay bars and clubs are located.

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Don’t go hungry here. Seattle is home to many gay-friendly restaurants that are guaranteed to please your appetite.

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Seattle offers a wide range of gay bars and clubs. There is something for everyone here.

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