LGBT Scene in St. Croix

St. Croix is the most gay-friendly locale on the U.S. Virgins Islands. Cormorant Beach Club Restaurant & Bar is St. Croix’s most popular gay bar and welcomes all patrons.

The gay or lesbian infrastructure on St. Croix is limited but the island does have a gay hotel, a couple of gay-friendly clubs and a gay business guild.  It remains a popular destination with gay locals and tourists alike.

This is the perfect place to travel with that special someone and tour plantation houses, rum factories or beautiful botanical gardens.  No visit to the U.S. Virgins would be complete without enjoying the beaches and terrific ocean sports.

For all of you high rollers, gambling is also legal on the island.  In July there’s the popular Lifestyle Music Festival.  Enjoy the great concerts mixed with fun, laid-back beach parties.

There’s also a few gay-friendly yacht companies at your disposal.  Cruise the open waters and take in the beautiful turquoise waters, gorgeous reef and swaying palm trees.  What are you waiting for, it’s time to discover amazing gay St. Croix today!