Gay St. John

The self-proclaimed “most tranquil island on Earth”, St. John is the smallest of the three US Virgin Islands. The majority of the island is made up of national parks, making it a great escape from crowds and the hustle-bustle of cities. Filled with small boutiques and down-to-earth natives, the island is a good relaxation destination. The laid back attitude of the island leads to a lot of attractions such as calypso music on the beach, deep sea diving, colonial church visits, etc. 

The main city of Cruz Bay, also called "Love City" is an amazing seaside village, free of traffic lights, an abundance of art galleries, jewelery stores, beach goodies, and some of the best dining you will find in the Caribbean. You will find the locals to be very respectful of the Lesbian and gay community.

75% of St. John is undeveloped and will always remain so.  If you are into nature and hiking definately take a trip to this island gem and explore the Reef Bay Trail, hike to Salt Pond and onto Rams Head for the full moon, or explore the sugarmill ruins.  

St. John is full of friendly locals, pristine beaches, and lush wildlife, making it a perfect island getaway.

If you are traveling to St. John you should note there is not an airport, you fly to St. Thomas and take a short ferry ride into Cruz Bay.

(All images provided by the US Virgin Islands Department of Tourism)

The Gay Scene in St. John

View the Gay Scene in St. John