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St. Louis, Missouri, epitomizes the adorable all-American city. This Midwest haven is a thriving metropolis with stunning architecture and greenery that puts many other cities to shame. There is an abundance of free cultural activities all year round that will leave you planning your next trip back before you even leave! Because of its location on the Mississippi River, St. Louis is humid and potentially stormy throughout the year. Temperatures reach highs in the low 100’s and peak during the months of July and August, and there is an occasional snowstorm during the coldest months of January and February. To get to St. Louis, most travelers use the Lambert St. Louis International Airport, which connects to many other public transportation services that access the city at large. The easiest way to get around, though, is by car. There are dozens of neighborhoods around the central hub of this city so take to the streets and explore for yourself! St. Louis has had a bad reputation for safety, but tourist-oriented and well-populated parts of town are patrolled and safe for visitors. Some economically-depressed areas have received the brunt of hardship, but are pretty off the beaten path. Aside from usual urban safety concerns, St. Louis is a hotspot for tornados so watch out for Mother Nature!

The Gay Scene in St. Louis

St. Louis has a thriving gay scene that really comes alive at night. Numerous LGBT exclusive and friendly establishments exist, perfect for mingling with singles, dancing the night away or having drinks with friends.

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