Gay St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a small island state in the Caribbean, northwest of Barbados and south of Martinique. It has had a difficult history, changing hands between French and British colonial rule so many times that it had an identity crisis. On one hand, the primary language is French. On the other, the island has a legal system based on British Common Law!

The island itself has become increasingly reliant on tourism, as more people discover the beauty of St. Lucia. Besides the myriad white sand beaches and resorts, there is a drive-in volcano, sulphur springs, botanical gardens, a World Heritage Site, the Pigeon Island National Park, and the magnificent twin peaks dubbed “Les Pitons.”

The island has been enduring some growing pains recently, with some gay and lesbian visitors reporting tensions and even violence. It’s unfortunate, because it truly is a stunning island, but please use the utmost caution and discretion if you plan on visiting the island.


The Gay Scene in St. Lucia

There is not a noticeable gay scene in St Lucia, and if the island is the chosen destination, for your next vacation we would like to advise you that homosexuality is a crime penalized by law in the island.

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