Gay Tallinn

The term “The Baltics” has traditionally been known to comprise Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania.  A region rife with war and occupation for more than seventy years, these three countries have emerged from the Cold War hotter than ever.  Even after being hit harder than any other countries in the world by the global recession (Latvia’s economy shrank by 18% in a year), spirits remain high.  Brilliantly preserved medieval towns, fascinating sites and jaw-dropping natural beauty at wildly affordable prices have made the Baltics Europe’s number one destination.  This combined with extremely affordable flight connections to both the rest of Europe and North America make now THE time to visit this hidden gem.
Estonia claims that both its language and heritage make it more Scandinavian than Baltic.  Indeed, it may be geography more than anything than ties Estonia to its southern neighbors.  Tallinn definitely claims the prize for coolest capital in the Baltics.  From possibly the best preserved old town in Europe to some of the most impressive modern architectural designs in the world, Tallinn melds new with old in perfect harmony.  Wander the snaking cobblestone lanes, spend an afternoon sipping cocoa in a divine cafe, learn about the nation’s history of occupation then party until dawn amidst fellow revellers who seem to be in constant competition to figure out who can stay out the latest.

The Gay Scene in Tallinn

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