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Why the US Virgin Islands?

Just a 2 ½ hour flight from Miami or 3 ½ from NY, The U.S. Virgin Islands are surrounded by some of the most beautiful clear blue waters on the planet. With average temperatures ranging from the high seventies to the low eighties year round and no passports or visas required; it is an easy trip to plan.  As a U.S. territory, your cell phone will work without international roaming and of course the currency is our good old American dollars.  The USVI will be celebrating 100 years as an American Territory in 2017.  

The USVI is extremely diverse and accepting of many cultures, races and religions.  While the churches have a major influence in terms of there not being full acceptence and tolerance, there is positive momentum!  The Governor signed an executive order issued honoring the Supreme Court's decision to allow for same-sex marriages to take place in the US Virgin Islands.  The Chief Judge of the local courts has started issuing same-sex marriage licences. The local island press has been featuring stories about the number of same-sex marriage licences issued, the first gay marriage celebration, new gay resort openings and other news stories.  At Gay Travel, we are especially delighted to see all the recent and wonderful news afoot in The Territory.  GT factoid:  gaytravel.com was originally launched from a tiny casita perched high above Magens Bay which is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  

There are three major islands:  St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas each with its own unique character.

·         St. Croix's Danish influence is perfect for visitors who prefer a laid-back cultural experience. The historic towns of Frederiksted and Christiansted offer quaint shops, charming pastel buildings and refreshing cultural diversity. From horseback riding near 18th-century sugar mills to playing golf on one of the island's three scenic golf courses, you're sure to find something to suit your tastes.  Known as one of the most gay-friendly Caribbean Islands, St. Croix is nearly 100 miles of endless white beaches.  St. Croix is by far the least touristy of the three major American islands.  There’s great shopping, resorts and restaurants for visitors but if you like peace and quiet, there’s also plenty of opportunity for that here too.  St. Croix has a more organized gay community than any of the islands and for some reason, it is much more freely accepted there than it is in St. Thomas, even though all the islands are tolerant. 

·         St. John is two-thirds National Park. Its comfortable pace is perfect for enjoying the island's world-renowned beaches such as Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay and Salt Pond Bay. A nature lover's favorite, St. John offers hiking, camping, specialty shopping and breathtaking views

·        St. Thomas is the most populous and urban of the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is a one-stop shop for fun, beaches, relaxation, and island-inspired nightlife.  Just minutes from St. John and about an hour from St. Croix, St. Thomas is home to two main settlements - Charlotte Amalie (also known as downtown) and Red Hook (also known as the East End).  St. Thomas boasts one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. As the most visited port in the Caribbean, downtown Charlotte Amalie offers elegant dining, exciting nightlife and duty-free shopping. Though it's full of energy, especially in Charlotte Amalie, this island also possesses numerous sublime natural splendors, such as stunning views of the Caribbean from high above sea level.  You can feel open and comfortable at Little Magens, which is considered the "gay beach."  Historically, St. Thomas had a very active gay scene until the early 90's.  Today, the island of St. Thomas has its own Facebook group that you can check out here:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/276391435820914/

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