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Locals have become immune to declarations of Vancouver’s wonderful quality of life, and once visitors have been here a few days, it is abundantly clear why the city is regularly rated as one of the most livable cities on the planet.

Don't miss Davie Village, Vancouver's Gayborhood! The Village hosts a variety of events during the year, including the Davie Street Pride Festival which runs in conjunction with Vancouver's annual Gay Pride Parade, during which sections of the street are closed to motor traffic. Davie Day is also held each year in early September, to celebrate local businesses and the community itself. 

Nature surrounds VanCity, and three separate mountains are accessible within thirty minutes, making this city one of the best for nature lovers of all kinds. In fact, public transportation is so well developed here, travelers can get anywhere they like without their own wheels. The SeaBus will take you across the harbor to North Van, and then another bus will drop you at the foot of many attractions – like the towering chunk of rock that is Grouse Mountain.

Vancouver also boasts a coffee culture that rivals its neighbor to the south, with Commercial Drive serving as the caffeinated epicenter of the hipster set. Granville Market serves up local produce and dishes to a crush of locals and visitors every day, while the sun brings out nearly everyone in the city to the seawall along Stanley Park.

Vancouver has a temperate climate that has a clear distinction between seasons. Travelers can expect overcast and gray skies during the winter months, with dry warmth arriving in June and staying through September.

The Gay Scene in Vancouver

The largest gay population in Western Canada lives in this ocean-wrapped and snow-capped city. Its gay community is centered around two distinctly different neighborhoods - the West End and Commercial Drive; both of which enjoy a wide variety of restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, and boutiques catering to the gay and lesbian scene.

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Restaurants in Vancouver

Vancouver is has many gay-friendly restaurants. Check the complete list to find a restaurant that will accommodate your palate.

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Local Tips in Vancouver

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