Gay Venice

Venice, the grand city of canals and romantic waterways. This city resides on the water in Italy and stretches across several small islands in the northeastern quadrant of the country. Compared to many other Italian cities it is considered to be much more subdued in terms of noise and chaos, but even with that said, Venice is a city bustling with activity. Here is a place where the gay traveler should truly feel at home and definitely a must-visit destination.
Be prepared to get lost in this romantic city as you take a trip back into history. While in Venice you will never run out of places to visit and venues to see. Check out the Gothic and Renaissance basilicas along with palazzos adorned in stunning architecture and artwork completed by master artists like Titian and Tinoretto. Walk down the avenues in Venice and you will find numerous art galleries filled with gorgeous artwork from many different centuries; in fact, there are so many art galleries that any traveler would probably be lost figuring out where to start. However, art isn’t the only thing to be admired in Venice, we definitely cannot forget about the hundreds of intricately intertwined canals that run through the city. These canals are the perfect way of traveling around the city on a romantic moonlit night.
This is one of the most popular straight and gay destinations in the world, so you should know the conditions before you travel. Summers are considered to be extremely crowded, sometimes overcrowded and often very humid and hot. Due to the humidity travelers will find that the canals become both smelly and mosquito ridden. The Autumn months are nice and beautiful but the city experiences a lot of flooding and high tides during this time which could put a damper on your vacation. The winter and spring time are the best times to go as long as you don’t mind a little bit of chill. In the spring and winter the city becomes uncrowded perfect for sight-seeing. 
While you are in Venice you should really consider taking a day trip to Lido, a nearby island. This island has been a retreat for poets and famous writers for centuries and is full of colorful history. Lido provides a much needed break from the crowdedness of the city with serene beaches, open space, fresh air, and relaxing scenery. Best of all, the small island boasts of a 12 kilometer long beach that is gay-friendly and is considered to be the least crowded beach in the Adriatic sea.

The Gay Scene in Venice

Venice is an open and very gay-friendly destination and there should be no worries regarding safety.  While there are a limited number of gay establishments, per se, in Venice, many bars, restaurants and clubs are gay-friendly.

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