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Washington, DC, is not only the nation’s capitol but is also its cultural capitol. The abundance of museums contribute mightily to the sense of history that is imbued at every turn in this bustling government center. Read on for the perfect gay travel guide highlighting a combination of top-notch museums and attractions, neighborhoods packed with culture and fine dining, and nightlife that won't quit.

The Smithsonian dominates the National Mall, which enough cultural food to feed a week of visits. The Washington Monument is free to go up, with a ticket, and offers the best sunset views in all of DC. Lincoln and Jefferson stoically await your visit, and there are dozens of monuments and other points of national interest to take in.

Government makes up the meat of the population in this fine city, and with each passing election the vibe shifts as people transition. While one might think this would lead to a lack of cultural stability, it actually adds a fresh fervor to the local vibe.There are many transitory types, which means new ideas are constantly flowing in and altering the landscape. This flow, coupled with the nature of politics, leads to a vibrant social scene that is ever evolving.

 If you like to experience four distinct seasons, Washington, D.C. is your city.  The spring and fall months tend to be warm.  During the winter, temperatures dip into the 30s.  Nor’easters bringing heavy wind, rain and occasional snow are not uncommon in the winter.

Commuters complain that the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area has some of the worst traffic and congestion in the United States.  Many other transportation options are available, including a subway system and bus services.

Washington D.C. is the political nerve center of the United States and many local LGBT residents fight to secure the civil rights for gays and lesbians in the rest of the country.  Make no mistake, the community is bipartisan when it comes to balancing work and fun! 

The Gay Scene in Washington D.C.

Don’t hesitate to explore Washington D.C.‘s thriving gay scene. With streets lined with gay-owned and gay-friendly businesses, any gay traveler will feel right at home.

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Washington D.C. has a variety of gay friendly restaurants that will stimulate your taste buds.

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Anybody with an itch to hit the gay nightlife scene will find it easy to find their way around the gay bars and gay clubs in Washington D.C.

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