Gay Wisconsin

Located in the Midwest Region of the United States, Wisconsin boasts small towns, cheese and many cold winter months. Wisconsin is home to Milwaukee and Green Bay, where football, baseball and beer drinking are the three main sports. If you're into outdoor activities, Wisconsin will be your playground. From lakes, to rivers, to hunting, to four-wheeling, Wisconsin is a great place to visit and explore the great outdoors. While visiting this beautiful state, make it a priority to visit a cheese factory, where you can sample fresh cheeses and even take a little taste of Wisconsin home with you. A less known fact is that Two Rivers, Wisconsin is home to the ice cream sundae, if you find yourself visiting the Northeast corner of the state, stop in and try one. You won't be disappointed!

The state’s largest city and urban area is Milwaukee located in southeastern Wisconsin. In south-central Wisconsin lies the state capital Madison. Green Bay is listed as the state’s third largest city. Wisconsin is a popular Midwestern travel destination both in the summer and winter months.

Destinations within Wisconsin