Gay Wyoming

Wyoming is an amazing place to discover the great American West. With many gorgeous mountain vistas, vast blue skies and the awe-inspiring scenery of the high plains and Rocky Mountains, Wyoming offers much of what travelers to this region seek. Wyoming is the least populated U.S. state- the majority of residents cluster into a handfull of cities and towns. The state offers a huge amount of outdoor recreation and sightseeing opportunities, including the United States's first national park, mountain ranges, vast forests, crystal-clear rivers and wilderness areas. Nearly half of the state is designated as public land, so visitors will not lack for opportunities to get out and experience wide open spaces.

Most visitors will enter and exit the state by car- and the majority of these will stick to the Interstate highway system, which is fast and well maintained. The most exciting routes through the state are on two-lane federal, state and local highways. Since it's not uncommon to see snow late in to May in much of the state and in higher elevation areas throughout the summer, you should pay special attention to weather when traveling by car. With that said, the weather in Wyoming can be sporadic for most of the year so come prepared with many layers and clothes for every type of outing! Nights can get cold even while daytime is sunny and warm  so having a wide array of options makes traveling here more enjoyable.

Safety in Wyoming is very centered around weather; most accidents that happen here are due to snow or ice. While wild animals here tend to keep to themselves, it is not uncommon to spot and experience a stray buffalo or cow. Stay alert while you are on the roads for the safety of everyone! Side from natural forces, Wyoming is known for its drunk driving so report anything unsafe you may come across during your travels here- especially at night as the local bars close up for the night!

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