What is “Gay Travel Approved”? 

With 20 years of history as the go-to resource for memorable, lifetime travel experiences, a seal of approval from GayTravel.com carries a lot of weight in the tourism industry. That is why we launched Gay Travel Approved®  – our way of letting our audience know that one of our travel partners has created a special environment which has been recognized by GayTravel.com as deserving of a higher level of recognition.

Being "Gay Travel Approved" lets the world know that GayTravel.com's team of experts and editors along with feedback from travelers like you have given a travel partner the distinction of having that "je ne sais quoi" that LGBT+ Travelers appreciate.

We don't hand out the Gay Travel Approved moniker lightly. Recipients must be invited and offer a safe and welcoming environment. There must be something special and unique to the travel experience — whether it's the gracious staff, the good energy that is palpable, the welcoming feeling of wellbeing when you are there — those things that make an impression and carry forward with you wherever your journey takes you.

We rely on your discerning taste and opinions to help us bring more of what is good in this vast world to more amazing people like you. If you have recommendations for  "Gay Travel Approved” travel partners, please let us know. Click Here to NOMINATE, Email us at [email protected] or Call us at 1-800-GAY-TRAVEL Extension 919.

Remember, wherever your journey ends...it begins with GayTravel.com!


About Gay Travel Approved Luxury

These exceptional travel partners provide an unforgettable experience through their impeccable service along with the finest of amenities. The staff is welcoming to all, intuitive, and passionate about what they do.

GayTravel.com travel partners include destinations, accommodations, spas, cruises, carriers, tours, venues, nightclubs and restaurants all over the world.

About GayTravel.com Travel Partners

GayTravel.com prides itself on working with travel partners* around the world that have shown themselves to be friendly and welcoming to the LGBTQA community and will decline to advertise from companies and organizations that have shown discriminatory behavior toward any minority community. Our travel partners pay an annual membership to be on our site, but we do not accept commissions, kickbacks or any incentive to promote a destination or property in a way that is unfair or unbalanced. Because of this, we are confident in being able to recommend all of our travel partners to our readers.

Travel partners who have gone above and beyond are eligible to be honored with "Gay Travel Approved" and GTA Luxury recognition.